Continuous Integration

We are currently using Apache’s Jenkins as single CI system.

However we might add Travis for automatically building and testing Pull-Requests in the near future.

Hereby Apache Jenkins' clearly is responsible for running the full testsuite with all integration-tests. Also only jobs on Apache Jenkins are allowed to publish SNAPSHOT versions of the Maven artifacts to Apaches Nexus at:

Structure of the Jenkins Pipeline build

We are using the Jenkins multi-branch pipeline plugin to automatically setup build for branches based upon the build definition in the Jenkinsfile in the root of the project.

In general it builds the develop branch and all branches starting with the prefix feature/. However when building the develop branch some additional steps are performed.

When building develop the build not only builds the project itself and runs all tests, it also runs the sonarcloud analysis, deploys the artifacts built to the Apache Nexus as well as generates and deploys the website.

The general structure of the build is as follows:

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  Start [shape = beginpoint];
  Initialization [label = "Initialization"];
  Cleanup [label = "Cleanup"];
  Checkout [color = "#068D9D", textcolor="#FFFFFF"];
  Build [label = "Build"];
  BuildDevelop [label = "Build develop"];
  CodeQuality [label = "Code Quality"];
  Deploy [label = "Deploy"];
  BuildSite [label = "Build Site"];
  StageSite [label = "Stage site"];
  DeploySite [label = "Deploy site"];
  Finish [shape = endpoint];

  Start -> Initialization -> Cleanup -> Checkout;
  Checkout -> Build [label = "feature branch"];
  Build -> Finish;
  Checkout -> BuildDevelop [label = "develop"];
  BuildDevelop -> CodeQuality -> Deploy -> BuildSite -> StageSite -> DeploySite; -> Finish;