Being a fairly fresh project we know there is a lot to do.

Areas of contribution

If you are looking for a way to get involved, we have compiled a list of areas, where we are looking for help.

If you find something you think you could help out with, please come forward and introduce yourself and tell us about your plans on our mailinglist:

Possible Areas of contribution (These are the ones we discussed, but this list is definitely not complete):

  • Protocol Implementations:

    • Beckhoff ADS

    • EtherNet/IP

    • Modbus

    • OPC-UA

    • Profinet

    • S7

    • …​

  • Integrations:

    • Kafka Connect

    • Apache Nifi

    • …​

  • Languages:

    • Scala (Maybe just a wrapper)

    • C

    • C++

    • C#

    • JavaScript

    • TypeScript

    • …​

How to get involved


If it’s information you have and you want to inform us about something or are in need of information, the mailinglist is probably your best option.

In order to sign up, just send an empty email to and as soon as you are subscribed, send what you want to

You can always read the mailinglist content via our Apache email list archive. We’re a friendly bunch, so don’t be afraid :-)


Another option to contribute is via Jira.

Here you can create bug reports, feature requests, and so on.

Our Jira instance is located here:

In order to create, edit and comment issues, you need to create a login.

If you are willing to become an active part of PLC4X and the Apache family, we suggest you use your Jira name as you would your Apache username. Unfortunately Jira and the rest of Apache have different user bases. You can check if your desired apache user id is already taken here: Having the same id on both systems makes it easier to manage for us …​ and you.

Here we have also tagged some issues with tags like: 'easy-fix'


GitHub is currently our preferred way of getting new coders involved. Even if you could also create Jira Issues and attach patch files to these, it is far simpler to check and merge your changes if they come from GitHub.

In order to start contributing code, we suggest you make sure you are logged in with a valid GitHub account and visit our GitHub repository clone at: (the primary is on Apache hardware at:

Here in the top-right, by clicking the Fork button, you create a clone of the Apache repository for your user.

community contribute fork

You then have to check-out this freshly cloned repository and can start editing, committing and pushing things back to your clone.

As soon as you are finished with this, all you have to do, is go to the GitHub page of your fork and click on the New pull Request button.

On this screen you are asked which branch of your fork you want to have pulled into which branch of the original repository (Usually you just leave the default).

Here you should also provide some information about what your pull request is about and give it a title.

As soon as that’s done, someone from the PLC4X team can review your changes and discuss things with you via GitHub.

As soon as all things are settled, we take care of merging the changes back into the official PLC4X repository.

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